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If you’re sharing a ride to work, chances are you keep the music low if it’s on at all. Even if everybody is similar in age, it’s hard to find one musical taste that fits with the baby boomer, Generation Xer, millennial and Gen Z guy.

But the right playlist can get everybody stoked in the morning.

Build your own ride share playlist by having everybody submit one or two songs, depending on how long you are all together in the car. Theme a playlist around a coming holiday.

Kick start the fun with a playlist almost everybody (there’s always one) is sure to like.

  1. Start the AM ride with “Shut up and Dance” (note we didn’t’ say shut up and drive). It’s hard not to feel energized by this Walk the Moon favorite.
  2. Pharrell’s “Happy” keeps everybody in a good mood. Keep to yourself if you see the morning curmudgeon humming along.
  3. Everybody has a favorite MJ song, but who doesn’t like “Billie Jean”?
  4. “Let’s go Crazy” with Prince
  5. Keep up the good vibes with Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the City.”
  6. You can’t help but sing along with Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”
  7. The Hoppen brothers, John Hall and Wells Kelly are hardly household names. But who doesn’t love Orleans’ “Still the One?”
  8. Stay in your seat until the car is parked, of course. If you can, that is, after bidding adieu to everyone with Europe’s “The Final Countdown.”

You’ve got no excuse now. Head into the office on a high note, anticipating the ride home when you can unwind and rewind to start the list from the beginning!

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