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You’re working from home so let’s get started planning your new space.

Perhaps you’ve worked remotely on occasion before but going 100% virtual or even hybrid means it’s time to formally dedicate a spot or room in your house for a professional work setup.

We’re sharing five considerations for making your home office special.

1: Location, Location, Location

You’re not buying a house, but location — where you set up your desk at home — matters a lot. Of course, ensuring your WIFI connection is optimal to avoid workflow disruptions is critical. Light is also important, especially if you’ll be using Zoom or a similar platform. Everybody enjoys a window view but consider how the sun will affect your computer monitor during the day. Too much sunlight can interfere with seeing what’s on the screen. Also, if you have neighbors who like to stop in or regular sales folks ringing the bell, sitting by a window can cause interruptions; window blinds can help. Also, how much privacy do you need? Consider a room with a door if you crave quiet. If you have dogs who tend to bark at delivery folks, keep that in mind if you’re recording or on Zoom. Also, remember you’ll need plenty of electrical outlets and ideally a way to bundle your cords to keep them out of sight.

2: Sit!

Your desk and chair are the heart of your office. If you’re investing in a new setup, consider whether you want to have both a sitting and standing desk. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about your desk in the office and adjust accordingly. Make sure you think about your back and neck when choosing an ergonomic chair. You’ll be sitting in that chair a lot so support matters. A foam footrest can add extra comfort.

3: Make it YOURS!

Now’s the time to personalize your space. Maybe you want to add family photos, plants, a candy dish, a special scent, etc. Be careful not to clutter your space with so much that it takes away from your day-to-day tasks. Consider how you want to store office supplies and where. No reason to have an industrial file cabinet in your home if a simple cabinet with several drawers will suffice. If you’re game, freshen the walls with a paint color you like. Make the wall space your own, too, whether hanging your children’s handprints or your latest find from an art show. Consider what’s behind you for Zoom calls.

4: Home Office Meets Home Gym (sort of)

Staying healthy and fit continues to be a priority for most of us. As your office is at home, why not add a component to help with that? You can multi-task with an under-desk bike or sub out a stability ball for your chair for a change of pace. Also, don’t forget to take breaks. Stand. Stretch. Give your eyes a rest from the computer at regular intervals.

5: You Do You

If you Google “home office,” everybody’s an expert on what will work for you. But truly, you’re the expert. You know you. If you like the idea of a TV in the room while you work, go for it. Of course, if you’re going to be meeting clients, you will have to factor that into the design of your home office (not everybody is going to love your Lab puppy giving kisses). The best news is that this is your home office, your space, to do what you want to do with it, and if something doesn’t work, you can change it up. Making your space all your own is likely an evolution, and in time, you’ll have your home office just the way you like it.


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