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Liven up your car or van pool by adding in some fun from one of several apps that can spice up the same old ride to and from work. Before you know it, you’ll be there and refreshed to tackle what’s next.

Juggle different apps depending on the day and make sure everyone in the group is on board.

The app is trivia on the go designed to know you’re at the wheel. Compete against one or several members of your carpool and show off that you’re the only one in the car who knows that Oklahoma is the lone state to have one of these (that would be an official state meal). Alternatives include the Jeopardy, Trivia Crack 2 and Popcorn Trivia apps.

No time to attend the neighborhood book club? Download Audible and designate as many days as you’d like to listen to a book on tape with everybody else in the car.

Pocket Cast curates an eclectic mix of podcasts. Let everyone in the group pick a podcast; chances are everyone will learn something new.

Discover a new language with your fellow passengers by downloading Duolingo.

Who doesn’t love Wordle? While you can always do it yourself, a group Wordle during the ride home helps pass the time. Having paper and pen handy ensure the driver is included, too.

Name that tune in the car by playing SongPop 3.

Don’t forget to use your favorite GIS app like Waze to help avoid congestion and other unexpected delays.

Of course, make sure you download the MidPenRideShare app, too, so you can log your trip and earn rewards thanks to your greener commute.

MidPenRideShare is a free service operated by the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission for residents, workers, commuters, and tourists in Virginia’s Middle peninsula (Counties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William, Mathews, and Middlesex and the towns of Tappahannock, Urbanna, and West Point).
The Commission has partnered with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) and their Virginia-wide ConnectingVA program to provide free ridematching to find carpools, vanpools, and all forms of public transportation, trip planning, and information on park-and-ride lots, bike share services, electric vehicle charging stations, and rewards.