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We can’t promise a smooth commute to and from work at peak hours. But by arming yourself with as much information as possible, you can do your best to avoid traffic snarls and snags.

Here’s a look at a Top 10 checklist of phone numbers and websites that help you stay in the know when you commute!

511: Call this number for real-time traffic info anywhere you need it, anywhere you are. Make sure if you’re behind the wheel, you’re hands-free. Download the free Virginia Department of Transportation app so you’re current on road conditions, traffic congestion and highway construction. Sign up to receive personalized messages via text message or email for routes you travel often. Visit VDOT’s main site for more info.

1-800-FOR-ROAD: Keep this number handy to report a road hazard or to call Safety Service Patrol. Services include changing a flat, fuel to get to the nearest gas station, jump starts, water for an overheated radiator, directions and phone access to call for towing or recovery options. Where are HOV lanes, when can you use them and what are the rules? This site has your answers for questions about High Occupancy Vehicle lanes in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. Your guide to every Park and Ride location in Virginia. Discover what time the ferry arrives and departs by checking the schedule that varies with the season. Know where to stop to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, walk the pooch and get snacks with this guide to rest stops and welcome centers along interstates 64, 66, 77, 81, 85 and 95. When you visit VDOT’s main site, you can use filters to narrow your search. Find congestion and traffic reports, closed routes, EV charging stations, bridge openings, weather conditions and more. Is it going to cost me? Find out about traveling on Virginia’s toll roads. Keep tabs on road improvements that affect your commute. Visit this site to explore the datasets behind Virginia’s roads. You don’t need to be a GIS expert to visualize data and present it on a map. You can learn about crash data for previous years, pavement condition, ongoing projects and more.

The Middle Peninsula Rideshare Commuter Services – MidPenRideShare – are provided by the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission’s Transportation Demand Management Program in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. This program exists to assist persons who are seeking transportation alternatives to commuting within and from the Middle Peninsula area.