Do you commute long distances?

Are you concerned about the high cost of gas?

Worried about climate change?

Just want someone to share your commute?

Middle Peninsula Rideshare can help you start saving and reduce your carbon footprint today by finding others interested in carpooling one or more days a week.

RideShare is a free commuter matching service for anyone who lives or works in the Middle Peninsula area. Interested commuters who register with Middle Peninsula Rideshare are sent a personalized matchlist of commuters who go the same direction at approximately the same time of day. There is no obligation to form or join a carpool. Commuters can call 877-451-1555 or 758-2311 or fill out our online registration form to receive personal ridematching services.

When you register for the RideShare program, we ask for your starting location, your destination, and the hours of work/school along with contact information. We then add the information to our database and try to find others who are going the same way at approximately the same time. All information received is used only for ridematching.

If we find a match for your commute, you will receive a list of names and contact information for people with a similar commute. If the people listed seem to be good matches, give them a call and set up a time to discuss the possibility of setting up a carpool.

If we don't find a match, we will let you know. However, you also might want to think about changing some of your information, such as the pickup point or preferences or maybe you can consider a more flexible work schedule. To change your information, just call 877-451-1555 and ask us to re-run your list with updated information. Your information stays in the system for one year, longer if you request we keep your information on file, and periodic re-registration letters ask if you'd like us to run another match list.



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